Permittivity and Frustration

Good evening, Darien.

It’s Saturday.
Forty eight hours ago, my goal for this post was to elucidate the concept of electrical permittivity.  I have since given up on that goal.  Permittivity, although it seems delightfully simple, has proved frustratingly difficult to get my head around.  I feel that I have greatly improved my understanding as a result of my efforts, but I am still quite far from a full understanding.  There are many sources available online which explain these things far better than I can as of now.  I plan to continue to investigate this, and hopefully come up with a worthwhile discussion in a couple of weeks.  Until then, I will share some of the websites that I have found most helpful.

This article is focused on permittivity.  Quite helpful.  Links e with E,P, and D

This article is initially helpful, but then goes too broad.

Here we have a brief application of permittivity to antenna theory.

SPLENDID!!! This and this answers the question “Why isn’t e0 = 1, since nothing can be more empty than a vacuum?”

Until next week,


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